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Qporia is where you find the stuff you love. We have a wide selection of the world's most popular brands and we make it fun to shop and share with friends. What are you looking for?

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  • Fun online shopping

    Search by brand, create custom wishlists, and tag from hundreds of different stores all in one convenient place.

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    Browse through more than 500,000 fashion and lifestyle products from hundreds of top designer brands.

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    Our unique social features allow you to share the stuff you love with all your friends.

  • Sell (Coming Soon)

    We use an integrated e-commerce platform to give independent sellers the opportunity to earn money by selling their products on Qporia.

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Browse over a half-million products at your fingertips. What are you looking for?

Qporia is for fashionable social networkers that are all about searching, sharing and saving.

Shop by brand to find exactly what you want. Create your wishlist and share it with friends. Wanna comment on a new product? You can even tag a brand and location. Make sure to tag your friends, too.

Qporia is the new online shopping experience. Our powerful search features give you access to over 500,000 different products from the hottest brands you love!

Qporia lets you create a custom social feed based on what you love and share, including your own personal wishlist. You can also tag friends, comment, rate and review products. You’ll even get notifications for sales and promos, because we’re awesome like that.

Let us do the work and we’ll find your favorite products for the lowest prices anywhere online. We bring the products and prices you want together in one accessible and fun place to shop.

This is social shopping. This is Qporia.

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